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This excerpt is from a live recording produced by Arts Laureate. I assisted the recording engineer with set up, microphone placement, and videography.

This youth orchestra performance took place in Strathmore Hall in December, 2017. The set up included a pair of Sennheizer MKH800 Twins as the high mains, 2 Earthworks QTC40's as outriggers, 2 Sennheizer MKH 8040's for the low mains and 4 NT5's for brass and wind spot mics. The MKH800's were 18" apart in parallel at about 45° directed to the orchestra and we flew them high above downstage center because a projector was in use during the performance. The QTC40's were dead hung 12 feet to the left and right of the mains at 15 feet above stage level. The MKH8040's were 5 feet behind the conductor and 8 feet above the stage, 16" apart and angled slightly down and open to pick up the entire ensemble. We used 2 spot mics for the winds and 2 for the brass, spread out in the rows in front of each section at eye level, but directed slightly up to pick up the sound that was in the rejection zone of the mains.

Chamber Music

This excerpt is from a doctoral cello recital I filmed and recorded at University of Maryland's Ulrich Hall in March, 2018.

For this recital, I used a pair of NT5's as mains and 2 AKG 220's as spots for the piano. The NT5's were in 18" apart in parallel, 2 feet above stage level and 5 feet directly in front of the cello. The 220's were 14" apart, positioned 3 feet past the tail of the piano at a height between the lid and the soundboard and directed at the center plate strut.


While I was an undergrad, I spent two summers working at NPR member station WDAV. During that time, I had the opportunity to produce a number of radio pieces, both in the studio and in the field. For this project, I interviewed young students who came to the radio station on a field trip in July, 2012. 14-year-old pianist Michael Muchane also performed for the students that day. I recorded Michael's performance using 2 small diaphragm condensers  that were in the studio. I placed them 2 feet apart above the sound board. I recorded the interviews with the Neumann U87's that were in the studio.


In August, 2017, District5 Quintet hired me to film their album recording project. They recorded 26 Chopin Preludes transcribed for wind quintet in the Juliet J. Rosch Recital Hall at SUNY Fredonia with recording engineer Paul Coleman.

For this project, I used to Canon T6i's on tripods. One camera was stationary with a 24mm prime lens for the wide shot and I manned the second camera with a 50mm prime lens to get medium and close-up shots. I filmed and edited videos for all 26 preludes and created original graphics.

Demo Reel